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Well another spring semester is coming to a close.  We wish all students graduating the best of luck in these rough times.  We hope your stay here at Ship was a educational and enjoyable experience.  To everyone one else have a good summer, enjoy your time off.  Be sure to come back next fall and invite your friends to come out too!



April 19, 2009

Well the 17th has come and gone meaning that stock competition has ended.  You can see the results below, congratulations to our winner Richard Abel.  Don’t forget this Friday is the last FMA meeting.  The meeting will be held with Investment Club where the winners of the Competition will be formally announced.  Their will be pizza and soda so we hope to see you there!























Officers for next year are as follows…

Andrea Gyurisin: President (ag3418@ship.edu)

Blake Miller: Vice President (bm9484@ship.edu)  

Seth Weir: Treasurer (sw1620@ship.edu)  

Richard Abel: Secretary/Webmaster/Marketing (richard.a.abel@gmail.com)

In preparation for next year a Google group has been made for FMA.  Here you will be able to find information on the stock competition, meeting times, and whatever else we will have available.  Signing up is free, just email me at richard.a.abel@gmail.com for an invitation! As of now there isn’t much content so check back in the fall!