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Structural Equation Modeling

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is a technique that is used to estimate, analyze and test models that specify relationships among variables. The ability to conduct such analyses is essential for many problems in ecology and evolutionary biology. This book begins by explaining the theory behind the statistical methodology, including chapters on conceptual issues, the implementation of an SEM study, and the history of the development of SEM. The second section provides examples of analyses on biological data including multi-group models, means models, p-technique and time-series. The final section of the book deals with computer applications and contrasts three popular SEM software packages. Aimed specifically at biological researchers and graduate students, this book will serve as a valuable resource for both learning and teaching the SEM methodology. Moreover, data sets and programs that are presented in the book can also be downloaded from a web site to assist the learning process.

  • Applies structural equation modeling to ecological and evolutionary biological data
  • Can be used to learn or teach the structural equation modeling methodology
  • Data sets and programs presented in the book can be downloaded from a complementary website



Death Attitudes and the Older Adult


Death and aging are two topics not often discussed together in the present literature. This innovative and informative new text bridges the fields of gerontology and thanatology. Death attitudes--defined as attitudes towards the dying process, end-of-life decision making, and death itself--are explored.

Those contributing to this volume hail from several specialized backgrounds including gerontology, death education, and general psychology. This mix of impressive contributors adds to the interdisciplinary perspective of the text. Readers, both professionals and students, will gain insight into these previously uncharted, but closely related, territories.