Prominent Alumni

Since its creation in 1905 Alpha Kappa Psi has produced numerous business, and political leaders. Pictured and listed below are just a few.


      Richard Nixon                            Ronald Reagan                               Sam Walton     37th President of                        40th President of                        Founded Wal-Mart     the United States                        the United States                            and Sam's Club



    Malcom Forbes Jr.                            Lee Iacocca                                  John Marriot     CEO & Editor of                          CEO of Chrysler                        Founder of Marriot     Forbes Magazine                            Corporation                                  International


Other Prominent Alumni include:

  • Bernard Faubert - CEO of K-Mart
  • J.E. Davis -Founder of Winn-Dixie
  • Bernie Marcus - Founder of The Home Depot
  • James Cash Penny - Founder of J.C. Penny
  • Joyce C. Hall - Founder of Hallmark Cards
  • Richard Allen - CEO of Delta Air Lines
  • Robert Six - Founder of Continental Airlines
  • C.R. Smith - President of American Airlines
  • William McPherson Allen - President of Boeing
  • Arthur Andersen - Founder of Arthur Andersen
  • Seth C. Beise - President of Bank of America
  • Dudley Dowell - President of New York Life Insurance Company
  • Roger M. Blough - Chairman of the Board, U.S of Steel
  • Leonard K. Firestone - President of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
  • Harry A. Bullis - Chairman of the Board of General Mills
  • Samuel F. Hinkle - President of The Hershey Company
  • Harrison Jones - Chairman of the Board of The Coca-Cola Company

Prominent Alumni