Benjamin J. Galluzzo
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Shippensburg University
Office: MCT 275
Phone: 717-477-1468
E-mail: bjgalluzzo at ship dot edu

Hello! This webpage is primarily a student-focused information sharing site. If you are interested in learning more about other activities I'm involved in please feel free to contact me - I've included information and links to three such activities below:

** Sustainability and Math. I am a huge proponent of incorporating authentic problem solving in my general education courses. Over the past few years, I have found that one of my other passions (environmental sustainability) serves as a wonderfully engaging and relevant theme from which to initiate mathematically driven (and curriculum appropriate) investigations. More information about the "Undergraduate Sustainability Experiences in Mathematics" (USE Math) project as well as links to classroom activities developed at MAA PREP and NSF-funded workshops in recent years can be found on the USE Math website
** The 8th Annual Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge, will take place on September 24th and 25th 2016 at Ship. The CVMMC is an on-site, 24-hour math modeling contest that is open to teams of undergraduates from any institution (and any major). All you need to do is sign-up, show-up, and model! (mathematically). Learn more about the CVMMC here. If you are interested in participating please don't hesitate to contact me for more information.
** SIAM/Moody's Mega Math Challenge, an annual high school math modeling competition. This event takes place each year during a weekend in late February or early March. For more information as well as helpful math modeling materials visit the the M3 Challenge website
Students in...
Calculus II (MAT 212 ) - Our course syllabus is here. We'll do homework, share documents, view gradebooks and more on our My Labs Plus site if you have problems accessing or viewing the site please take a look at the (brief) My Labs Plus troubleshooting guide
Differential Equations (MAT 322) - Our course syllabus is here. We'll turn a lot of our work in on d2l using the drop box feature.
Math Modeling (MAT 326) - Our course syllabus is here. We'll use d2l as our course website; in particular, it will serve as a repository for course information and will be updated on a class-by-class basis. Additionally we will turn in the majority of coursework on the site using the drop box feature.

To all students - I have listed office hours, but that doesn't mean I'm unavailable other times - please stop by and/or contact me if you would like to meet at a non-office hour time.
Fall 2016 Schedule
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9 Office Hours   830 - 1030    
9 - 1030 Calculus II 212-01   Calculus II 212-01  
10   DHC 104   DHC 104  
  930 - 1045  Research 930 - 1045  Research
11   Calculus II 212-02   Calculus II 212-02  
  DHC 104   DHC 104  
12 pm Calculus II 212-01 1100 - 1215   1100 - 1215  
DHC 104, 1200 - 1250     Office Hours  
1 Calculus II 212-02  @ GBLUES   1215 - 145  
DHC 104 100 - 150        
2 Differential Equations Math Modeling Differential Equations Math Modeling Meetings
DHC 104 DHC 104 DHC 104 DHC 104  
3 200 - 315
200 - 315
200 - 315
200 - 315  
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