Mathematical Modeling - MAT 326
Spring semester 2014 - Shippensburg University
Instructor: Ben Galluzzo
Office: MCT 275
Phone: 717-477-1468
E-mail: bjgalluzzo at ship dot edu
Syllabus is here.
Did you attend a seminar or find a math-y news article? Find the write-up requirements here.

Links to in-class models and projects can be found below:


Day Activity Materials
1/23 Intro & Light Bulbs
1/28 Light Bulb Report Modeling flow chart
1/30 Brainstorm Old MCM/ICM Qs, COMAP site, create a mindmap (on paper or online)
2/4 Skeleton attack!
2/18 Sample Exec. Summary Executive Summary Rubric
2/20 Logistic Growth
2/25 Epidemic
2/25 Dear Deer... Run!
3/11 Fox v Rabbit
3/27 Game of Life
4/1 Project 1 Presentations Presentation Rubric
4/17 Happy Birthday to Us?
4/24 BAC