Ten Commandments

1.  Do no harm to others. If you are capable of it, do no harm to any sentient creature.

2.  Be kind to everyone you meet. Treat them as you would want them to treat you.

3.  Do what you can to improve the lives of the less fortunate. They are our brothers and sisters.

4.  Do what you can to promote peace in the world. War is rarely, if ever, the answer.

5.  Do what you can to preserve and enhance this earth. It is the only home we have.

6.  Keep learning throughout your life, and teach what you have learned to others.

7.  If at all possible, do not lie. Lies breed conflict, between us and within us.

8.  Do not become too attached to material things. They easily become our masters.

9.  Make sure to love someone. Love is the meaning of life.

10.  Sing and dance, draw pictures and tell stories, make music and laugh.

Flower Day
Diego Rivera