Welcome to my Homepage!
Welcome to my homepage!  My name is George Boeree (pronounced boo-RAY).  I am a retired professor, previously in the Psychology Department at Shippensburg University, where I taught personality theories and the history of psychology (among other things).  I am also guilty of inventing Lingua Franca Nova.

I was born in 1952 in a small town called Badhoevedorp, near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I came to the US in 1956 with my parents and brother, and grew up mostly on Long Island. I got my BA from Penn State, and my MS and PhD from Oklahoma State, all in Psychology.

In 1972, I married Judy Kovarik, the girl next door back in Bay Shore, NY. Judy and I have three wonderful daughters - Jenny, Merry, and Katey. Jenny and Staks have a boy named Orion and a girl named Lyra, and Katey and Ashley have a boy named Julian.  Judy and I live contentedly in the beautiful Cumberland Valley of Pennsylvania.  For a few family photos, click here

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