Jungian Types Test

[For a printable, self-scoring pdf version, click here]

Rate how well each of the sentences below apply to you.

5 = very strongly
4 = strongly
3 = somewhat
2 = only a little
1 = not at all

People and real things interest me more than ideas or feelings. 
I like dealing with facts and details.
I prefer to be logical about things. 
I like to keep to a schedule. 
I am hard to get to know. 
I tend to notice what is going on behind the surface.
It is better to go with the heart than with the brain. 
I like frequent changes in my life. 
I am energized by being with people. 
I am a realistic person. 
I consider myself objective. 
I like to plan things carefully. 
I am a rather deep person. 
Some say I have my head in the clouds. 
I am more interested in "who" than "why." 
I am a curious person. 
I love interaction with others. 
I prefer to deal with the here and now. 
I often base my decisions on principles. 
I am a decisive person. 
I like reflecting on life. 
I am rather idealistic. 
Persuasion always works better than force. 
I like surprises. 
I have many friends and acquaintances. 
I am a practical person. 
Sometimes one needs to be firm with others. 
I am always punctual. 
I like having just a few close relationships. 
I tend to look toward the future. 
I strive for harmony among people. 
I enjoy novelty and variety. 
I am a sociable person. 
I tend to be concrete and literal. 
I like to figure out why things happen. 
It is important to me to stay on task. 
Being with people drains me. 
Inspiration is very important to me. 
I am always sympathetic to others. 
I take a leisurely approach to life. 
Some might say I am a bit shallow.
I am down to earth. 
Justice is more important than mercy. 
I am neat and orderly. 
I like being by myself. 
I often go by hunches. 
I prefer to deal with feelings rather than logic. 
I am very flexible. 
I am easy to get to know. 
I tend to take things at face value. 
I believe people don't use their brains enough. 
I like to be in control. 
I prefer to deal with ideas and feelings. 
I prefer getting an overall sense of what's going on. 
Compassion is my highest ideal. 
I am a spontaneous person. 

© Copyright 2003, C. George Boeree