My Philosophy

I am a pessimist. When I was a 17 year old college "hippie", I was an ardent romantic, and I still have that streak in me. But then reality hit, and I became a pessimist. Generally speaking, it's not a philosophy I would recommend to anyone. It has one advantage though: Hardly anything surprises me, and when I am surprised, I am very pleased to be wrong.

Things I've learned after 40-plus years of studying psychology:

1. Qualities are in the world, not just in our brains. Just like "round" and "square" are presented to us by our environment, so are "blue", "B flat", "salty", "floral", etc. Even things like pain are external to the brain, albeit within our bodies. On the other hand, emotions are, at least in part, experiences of our own mental state.

2. Consciousness is not terribly mysterious (although it is indeed amazing). It is a matter of experiencing the world while at the same time experiencing ourselves. Anticipation in particular gives experiences a cohesiveness and continuity. We view the world "through" our anticipations, which arise continuously and are continuously affirmed or, if not affirmed, adjusted by learning.

3. We are animals, and as animals we come equipped with numerous instincts. Not everything is culture and learning! We may be more apt to subdue these instincts than other creatures, but they are always there. Because they evolved long ago, they are not always practical any more. We have made ourselves misfits in out own world.

4. Those who tell you to use willpower are those who never needed willpower to do what they are telling you you need willpower to do. In fact, will does not exist. No one pulls himself up by his or her bootstraps. Which course of action we attempt to take is based upon how much we value that course of action, based on instinct and experience, and nothing more.

5. Morality is not transcendent. It is rooted in nurturance and other pro-social instincts, and broadened by social learning and reasoned self-interest. It is compassion, and it needs constant tending. It does not correlate strongly with religion, as many so strongly believe.

6. There is nothing outside of nature. No God or gods, no heaven or hell, no afterlife, no reincarnation, no ghosts or demons, no esp or clairvoyance or precognition. Just nature. Nature is incredibly complex and beautiful, but one should never forget that she has a heart of stone.

7. There is no transcendent reason for anything. There are "laws of nature" (and even these may be local and temporary!), but no grand purpose. It is what it is, and shit happens.

Perhaps you think this is a dismal philosophy and a good explanation for my bouts of depression. But don't forget the joys of art, music, books, movies, friends and family, a good meal, a good laugh, making love, and beer.

So, as a now quite ancient hippie, I wish you peace, love, and happiness!

© C. George Boeree 2013