Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are a wonderful breed that dates back to Roman times. In the 20th century, Swissies were bred to pull carts on Swiss dairy farms and to do other general work, such as herding or carrying packs. To learn more about this breed, check out the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, or see the very informative pages of Emma's breeder, Jonathan Bastian or Porter's breeder, Trout Creek.

Our Swissies (more on these hooligans below...):
Emma (1997 - 2006)
Abbey (Born 2005)
Porter (2007 - 2016)


Video of Porter's Agility Run - October 30, 2011 - Earning the Open Agility Preferred Title.

Perkiomen Trail Pack Hikes May 1, 2011 Cumberland Valley Rail Trail Pack Hike January 1, 2011

More on our Swissies...

Emma von Wumelsdorf, CGC (Canine Good Citizen)

Emma (1997-2006) was our first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, a wonderful companion who especially enjoyed hiking on South Mountain.

Trout Creek's Isle Royale ("Porter"),
(Canine Good Citizen, Rally Novice, Working Pack Dog Excellent, Working Weight Dog,
Open Agility Preferred, Open Jumpers Preferred)

Porter was our second Swissy, born January 2007. [Puppy Pictures...]

He loved to travel and really enjoyed the working dog events.

He earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) an indication of basic good manners.

He earned his Working Pack Dog Excellent title in May, 2011, with 19 qualifying hikes. Including training, he carried his packs over 1,000 miles!

He also earned titles in AKC Rally Novice, as a Working Weight Dog, and titles in Agility: Open Agility Preferred and Open Jumpers Preferred.

He also worked toward a title in Drafting.

Porter in May 2008.

Angel Swissys Dear Abbey ("Abbey"), CGC, WPD
(Canine Good Citizen, Working Pack Dog)

Abbey is our first Swissy rescue, who came to us in 2009, and is now 12 years old! In her prime, she loved to pack hike (see comment below), and had some fun with agility. In November 2009 - after just a few weeks of training - she earned her Canine Good Citizen title. Nice work, Abbey!

In 2011 she completed the last pack hike required to earn her Working Pack Dog title. She completed more than 275 miles of hiking with packs. Good dog!

[Pictures of Abbey and Porter together...]

Abbey in September 2009.

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