Geo 522: Geoenvironmental Hydrology

Links to hydrology-related web pages:

Burd Run Interdisciplinary Watershed Research Laboratory

NRCS Hydrology & Hydraulics Models(includes TR-55 software downloads)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (includes free software downloads)

NWS Precipitation IDF info

U.S. Geological Survey - Water Resources of the United States

U.S. Geological Survey - Ground Water Studies

U.S. Geological Survey - National Water Conditions

U.S. Geological Survey - National Streamflow Statistics (NSS) Program

EPA's Surf your watershed

NRCS - Regional Hydraulic Geometry Relationships

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (Michigan State Univ.)

Waterways: Links to (many) water-related sites (through the Association of American Geographers Water Resources Specialty Group)

Center for Watershed Protection

U.S. Water News (online newspaper)

Land and Water (Magazine of Natural Resources Management and Restoration)

Maryland Stormwater Design Manual

PA Handbook of BMPs for Developing Areas

Dave Rosgen - Wildland Hydrology Consultants

Rosgen Stream Classification System - EPA Training Module

Fluid Flow Calculations (LMNO Engineering, Research, and Software)