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Course Syllabus (PDF)
Tips for success
GTU Tutoring

Map Scale Problems Answers

Exam 1 Review Answers

Igneous Rocks

Hawaii - Volcanoes and Lava Features
Cascades Volcanoes
Exam 2 Review Answers

Weathering and Sediment
Sedimentary Rocks
Cumberland Valley Geology
Metamorphic Rocks
Exam 3 Review Answers

Mountains and Geologic Structures
Stream Features
Floodplain Features and Management
Glaciers and Associated Features
Alaska Glaciers Case Study

Final Exam Review Answers

Intro Geology Labs [PDF]

Scientific Method
Topo Maps Lab: Symbols and Scale
Topo Maps Lab: Contour Lines
USGS Topo Map Symbols
Ship Topo Map

Mineral Lab Table
US Volcanoes
Cumberland Valley Geology
Marcellus Shale
Rock Lab Table
Streams field lab
Streams field trip reading

Links to other geology information

The Matanuska River below the Matanuska Glacier, southern Alaska.


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