The molecule above is a 12-MC-4, where MC is metallacrown, with four MnIII ions (green) and two ions captured in the central cavity: PrIII (purple) and Na+ (yellow).† This is the first 12-MC-4 system to bind LnIII ions. See the paper Inorg. Chem.† 2014, 53, 1729 Ė 1742 for complete details.

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Welcome to Dr. Curtis M. Zaleskiís Group Website.† Our research in the Department of Chemistry at Shippensburg University focuses on coordination chemistry and† magnetochemistry.† Please use the side menu to navigate between the different areas of the website.† The chemistry links section of the website contains links to graduate school information, internship possibilities, and various chemistry reference websites.


The above cover from Inorganic Chemistry illustrates that tetranuclear manganese complexes can model the oxygen evolving complex (OEC) of Photosystem II.† See the paper Inorg. Chem. 2008, 47, 6127 for a complete description.†

Group Picture 2024 -† Curt Zaleski, Adam Hasan, Jaden Perrin, Dakota Traver, and Ally Wood