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Shippensburg University: Writing Courses

English 050: Basic Writing (renamed to English 113: Introduction to Academic Writing)
English 106/114: Writing-Intensive First-Year Seminar (also Honors sections)
English 229: Advanced Composition
English 238: Technical/Professional Writing (also for on-line delivery)
English 323: Reviewing the Arts for Publication
English 387/9: Technical Editing (Individualized Instruction)
English 438: Technical/Professional Writing II (also for on-line delivery; for SU Degree Completion Program; and as Individualized Instruction)

Interdisciplinary Arts 111: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Arts
Interdisciplinary Arts 449: Senior Thesis

Shippensburg University: Literature Courses

English 107: Literary Studies I
English 111: Literary Studies II
English 240: World Literature (Individualized Instruction)
English 250: Introduction to Fiction (also Honors sections)
English 237: British Literature Survey II
English 318: Studies in Renaissance Drama: Shakespeare's Rivals (mid-semester replacement)
English 333: Cultural Studies: Sensation, Scandals and Secrets in the Victorian Era
English 377: Studies in Restoration/18th Century British Literature (mid-semester replacement)
English 381: 19th-Century British Literature (Honors section: The Victorian Gothic)
English 394: Special Topics: Rhetoric Past and Present
English 420: Studies in Writing: The Politics of Literacy

Writing Program, University of California at Santa Barbara

Writing 1E: Introduction to Engineering and Communications: “Engineering and the Environment”
Writing 2E: Writing for Engineers
Writing 50E: Technical Communication for Engineers
Writing 1: Approaches to Academic Writing: "Literacies: Private, Academic, Public"
Writing 2: Academic Writing: “Writing for Art History;” “Modernism and World War I"; "Men and Monsters"
Writing 50: Writing and the Research Process: "Gender Roles in Society"

Department of English, Case Western Reserve University (as Instructor of record)

ENG 148: Introduction to Composition (Graduate ESL, ESL and Native-Speaking sections)
ENG 150: Expository Writing (ESL and Native-Speaking sections)
ENG 180: Writing Tutorial
ENG 295: Special Topics Seminar (Women in Detective Fiction)
ENG 398: Professional Communication for Engineers

Department of English, Cuyahoga Community College (Eastern Campus)

English 099:  Language Fundamentals II
English 101:  College Composition I
English 102:  College Composition II


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