Applied Statistics

Understanding data and confidence in decision-making. Covid-19 updates

About Applied Statistics

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will ...

  • ... have an improved mastery and comprehension of statistics.
  • ... have an understanding of and appreciation for the broad use of statistics in applications across a multitude of disciplines.
  • ... have improved problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • ... be proficient in using descriptive statistics, both numerical and graphical, to summarize, characterize, and visualize data from a variety of contexts.
  • ... be proficient in the use of a wide variety of methods of inferential statistics.
  • ... be able to use confidence intervals to estimate population means and proportions.
  • ... be able to use hypothesis tests to draw conclusions about population means and proportions, including tests for comparing populations such as ANOVA and Chi-square.
  • ... be able to formulate the appropriate methods, apply the appropriate calculations, and use technology appropriately to aid in problem solving.
  • ... be able to explain results in the context of an application problem.
  • ... be able to clearly state correct conclusions from direct calculations or as reported in technical journals or the popular press.

Web Apps

Here are some mobile-friendly, interactive web apps to help with the exercises and concepts for this course.

Online Homework

Try the assigned problems from each section as it is covered, use any related online resources to relevant problems, and ask questions in class and during office hours. To increase access there is a pdf version of each assignment linked below, but these obviously do not provide the kind of reall time feedback that is particularly valuable. You should complete these problems withing the MyLabsPlus homework system so you can get feedback.

Note: Working on problems outside of class is the primary mechanism by which you will learn the course material.

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