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Gallery of 2008 Workshop Participant Work

Here are some of the applets develop by participants during the week of this workshop. Note that some of these applets are still "in progress." More polished versions may be submitted to MathDL in the future. Click on any screen shot to open the sample in a new window so you can see how it works. ALL FLASH MATHLETS ON THIS PAGE REQUIRE THE FREE ADOBE FLASH 9 PLAYER.

Denis's Circles around Circles
A variation on the "solar system" laid atop a parametric grapher
Circle Applet
Kurt's Euclidean Algorithm
Tool for Discrete Mathematics focused on user interface issues.
Euclidean Algorithm Applet
Steve's Spirograph
A variation of the "solar system" example with drag&drop and numeric stepper.
Spirograph Applet
Susan's z-table Demo
Uses a filled "function grapher" shape along with masking.
z-table Demo applet
Susan's z-table Quiz
Like the "demo" but with a "quiz interface."
z-table Quiz applet
Marc's Influence Simulation
A probabilistic cellular automata experiment.
Influence Applet
Karl's Quadratic Iteration
Cobweb diagram with initial problem provided by external xml file
Quadratic Iterator Applet
Anne's Markov Chains
Arrays, color change, & user interface
Snakes&Ladders Applet
Joe's Conditional Probability
Random numbers, textboxes, & user interface
Conditional Probability Applet
Victor's Triangle w/ Determinants
Mutliple user interfaces (mouse click, drag&drop, textbox)
Triangle/Determinant Applet
Angie's Tax Tool
Text boxes and mysterious IRS rules
Tax Applet
Sharon's Linked Lists
Instantiates a linked movieclip from the library
Linked List Applet
Therese's Map Applet
Preliminary version for administrators to mark ADA routes on a map for future "directions" queries
ADA Map Applet
John's Row Reducer
Incorporates fraction input/output as well as an "undo" button
Row Reduction Applet
David's Unit Circle
Illustrates trig functions with drag&drop interface
Unit Circle Applet
Pete's Layered Directed Trees
A good start using custom classes
Directed Graph Applet
Bob's Factoring Practice
For self-paced student work
Factoring Practice Applet
Bob's Vector Addition Tool
Interplay between graphics and textbox input, basic version
Vector Addition Applet
Tamara's Factoring Quiz 1
Textboxes, parsing string input, random problems, and "sliding" hints
Factoring Applet 1
Tamara's Factoring Quiz 2
Textboxes, parsing string input, random problems, hints, and answers
Factoring Applet 2
Tamara's Factoring Quiz 3
Textboxes, parsing string input, random problems, and hints
Factoring Applet 3
Sandra's Precalculus Quiz
Managing frames to mix problem types
Precalculus Quiz Applet
Alison's Polynomial Analyzer
Drag-and-drop interface for relationship between zeros and factors, & examples and instructions come from xml file.
Precalculus Help
Ron's Concept Map
For linear algebra (preliminary version)
Concept Map Applet

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