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Flash in the Valley: Creating Mathlets with Adobe Flash

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Dates: June 9 - June 13, 2008

Location: Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA

Description. Educators interested in developing interactive, web-based learning materials have an exciting and powerful tool in Adobe’s Flash Professional programming environment. Many websites use Flash applets to facilitate multimedia effects and user interactions. However, most books on Flash development are not written with educational applications in mind. This workshop will provide carefully prepared, face-to-face training for educators in the form of demonstrations, computer lab sessions, and supervised projects. Each participant will learn how to manage basic user interactions such as text input and output, mouse clicks, and dragging objects on the screen, and these interactions will be presented in the context of examples focused on calculus and discrete mathematics instruction.

In addition, we invite individuals with previous Flash experience to participate with a focus of studying advanced topics, building general tools for the mathematics community, and creating a "best practices" document for applet development.

Each participant will develop a learning object for an area of mathematics in which they have special interest, and these projects will be shared at the end of the week as both presentations and additional resources for all of the other participants. Workshop fees provide room and board on the campus ofShippensburg University, and each participant (if eligible for Adobe's Educational Discount program) will receive a free copy of Flash Professional so that development can continue after the workshop is over.

This workshop is partially sponsored by NSF DUE 0535327.

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