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Flash in the Valley: Creating Mathlets with Adobe Flash

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Participant's Gallery

Click here to see a sample of the applets created by the 2008 workshop participants.

Preworkshop resources

The following resources will be valuable to look through before the workshop:

Workshop gallery

Here are examples of the material we will develop in this workshop. All of these examples are fully implemented & documented for Flash CS3 & ActionScript 3.0. Click on any screen shot to open the sample in a new window so you can see how it works. Note that the examples on the first row are templates are based on custom ActionScript 3.0 visual and parsing classes that you will learn about during the workshop. The templates are easily customizable using methods of the classes. ALL FLASH MATHLETS ON THIS PAGE REQUIRE THE FREE ADOBE FLASH 9 PLAYER.

Function Grapher Template 1
Uses custom classes for graphing and parsing
Arithmetic Quiz
Function Grapher Template 2
Adds tracing functionality
Arithmetic Quiz
Parametric Grapher Template
Tracing parametric or polar curves with slider
Arithmetic Quiz
Arithmetic Quiz
Three types of textboxes, random numbers
Arithmetic Quiz
Multiple Choice Question
Radio button components
Multiple Choice Quesiton
Proof Completion
Combo box component
Arithmetic Quiz
Simple Histogram
Parsing data, drawing filled shapes at runtime
Arithmetic Quiz
Circular Motion
Managing motion w/ buttons and keys
Arithmetic Quiz
Line through Two Points
Creation of shapes from mouse clicks
Arithmetic Quiz
Function graphing demystified
Creating a function grapher from scratch
Arithmetic Quiz
Family of functions
Illustrate scaling and shifting of functions
Arithmetic Quiz
Bouncing Ball with Sprites
Animation with onEnterFrame and Sprites
Arithmetic Quiz
Proof Scrambler
Drag and Drop
Arithmetic Quiz
Transformations of a square
Color transformations
Arithmetic Quiz
Matrix Manipulation
Runtime creation of input textboxes
Arithmetic Quiz

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