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Professor of Mathematics

Shippensburg University


I am involved in several projects and areas of professional service that might be of interest to others. Please follow the given link or contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Technology in Teaching and Learning


    • The project (founded by me and Barbara Kaskosz of U.R.I.) has been honored with the 2009 ICTCM Award for Excellence and Innovation with the Use of Technology in Collegiate Mathematics.
    • B. Kaskosz and I have written a book on Flash Applets for mathematics educators. See for more information.
    • Co-Founder(with B. Kaskosz) of the website for dissemination of grant materials and establishment of a community of Flash developers of math and science applications.
    • Co-PI (with B. Kaskosz) on NSF grant to produce tutorials and training on Flash for math and science educational devel0plers. Ran PREP workshops based on this work in Summer 07 and Summer 08.
    • PI on NSF grant to produce interactive material for teaching proof in a Discrete Math context. The material can be found at Ran a PREP workshop based on this work in Summer 06.
    • Textbook for Discrete Mathematics course ( uses the Flash material throughout.
    • Current "experiments" are shown at

Maple material

  • "Maple in the Secondary Classroom," workshop in Washington, DC for Fellows of the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.
  • "Maple in Discrete Mathematics," minicourse for the Joint Mathematics Meetings.
  • "Maple Programming for Creative Classroom Capsules," article for SSHE Technology Conference
  • Presentations and Minicourses on Maple programming basics and using Maple for hands-on activities in Discrete Math

Mathematical Association of America


  • MAA Second Vice President, 2010-2012
  • Member of Board of Governors, 2004-2007
  • Visiting Mathematician, 2000


  • Editor of the Digital Classroom Resources
  • Member of the MathDL Advisory Board
  • Associate Editor responsible for Loci Resources

Project NExT

  • NExT Fellow 1994-95 (Red Dot)
  • Presenter for sectional breakout sessions, as well as national sessions on Life after Tenure, Documenting Good Teaching, Motivating Students, and Discrete Mathematics.
  • Coordinator for EPADEL Section Project NExT

Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware Section

  • President 1999-2001
  • Vice President 1997-1999
  • Coordinator of Visiting Lecturer and Consultant Program 1994 - 1997

MAA Committees

  • Coordinating Council on Meetings (CCM)
  • Committee on Early Career Mathematicians
  • Search Committee for Mathematics Magazine editor
  • Search Committee for Monthly editor
  • Council on Publications
  • Past chair of the James R. Leitzel Lecture Committee
  • Past member of the Committee on Technology in Mathematics Education (CTIME)

Referee and Correspondent

  • Referee for Mathematics Magazine
  • Referee for College Math Journal's Classroom Capsules
  • Correspondent for College Math Journal's Media Highlights

Web Special Interest Group

Chair of the MAA Special Interest Group on the Use of the Web in Mathematics (Web SIGMAA).

Mathematics and Teaching

Flash and Math Applets

(with B. Kaskosz) Flash and Math Applets: Learn by Example, BookSurge Publishing, 2009.

Discrete Math textbook

Papers by D. Ensley

  • "A Hands-on Approach to Proof and Abstraction," to appear in InRoads SIGCSE Bulletin, December 2009 issue (Volume 41, Number 4). 
  • (with J. Hamblin) "Exploring Recursion with the Josephus Problem (Or how to play ‘‘One Potato, Two Potato’’ for keeps)" in Resources for Teaching Discrete Mathematics: Classroom Projects, History Modules, and Articles (ed. Brian Hopkins), Mathematical Association of America, 2009.
  • "Unshuffling for the imperfect mathemagician," Math Horizons, January 2004.
  • "Fibonacci's triangle and other abominations," Math Horizons, September 2003. Reprinted in The Edge of the Universe: Celebrating Ten Years of Math Horizons, published by the Mathematical Association of America, 2006.
  • "Maple in Motion," Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Conference on Technology in College Mathematics, 2002.
  • "Math for the Fun of It," in Proteus: A Journal of Ideas, Spring 2001.
  • "Invariants under group actions to amaze your friends," in Mathematics Magazine, December 1999.
  • (with R. Grossberg) "Ramsey's theorem in stable structures,"at (1997) and
  • (with R. Grossberg) "Finite models, stability, and Ramsey's theorem" (1996) at
  • "Automorphism-invariant measures on ℵ0-categorical structures without the independence property." J. Symbolic Logic, 61, 640-652, (1996)


  • Mathematics and Sports. Prepared for Mathematics Awareness Month 2010, and given at Dickinson College, Hood College, Shippensburg University, and the 2010 meeting of the Allegheny Mountain Section of the MAA.

Programs for gifted children

  • Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences
  • Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)
  • Infinity Gifted Program

Undergraduate Research Problems

  • Properties of card shuffling in magic tricks
  • Fibonacci bracelets
  • Cryptology
  • Mathematics and Music
  • The Math 24 game
  • The Josephus Problem
  • Pascal's triangle mod n
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