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Doug Ensley, Shippensburg University
Barbara Kaskosz, University of Rhode Island

The following applications are accompanied by complete instructions for customization of the activity without the need for using the Flash authoring system. All customization is done by making appropriate changes to an external data (xml) file. When the xml file is complicated, we provide a GUI "authoring tool" that compiles the data for you. In every case, detailed instructions are provided. Click here to download the pdf guide that we used for our presentation at ICTCM 2008.

Unless otherwise noted the applets below were created in Flash CS3 and require (at least) the free Flash 9 player plug-in to be used.


Overview of XML Data

Calculus Applets

Derivative Self-Test

Riemann Sums

The Area Function

Graphing a Function in Two Variables

Parametric Surfaces in 3D

General Applets

Custom Grapher

Matching Game

Scrambled Quiz

Other Quizzes

Discrete Mathematics Applets

The following applets were created in Flash 8 and require (at least) the free Flash 8 player plug-in to be used.

Euler Graphs

Hamilton Graphs

Planar Graphs

Isomorphic Graphs

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