The Hamilton Graph Tool

Douglas Ensley, Ph.D.
Department of Mathematics
Shippensburg University


This tool consists of two Flash player files that can be used by an instructor to create simple graphs for which students can search for Hamiltonian cycles. An example of the finished application is shown below. Try the interface to get a sense for what you are building...

The Instructor first runs the Flash applet GraphMakerHamilton.html to create a graph using simple drag-and-drop interface. Once the graph is finished the Instructor is given a line of text data that can be transferred to a file named hamilton.xml. This process can be repeated indefinitely to create as many graphs as desired for the problem set.

Next the Instructor places the files HamiltonGraphsXML.swf, HamiltonGraphsXML.html and hamilton.xml in the same directory. Additional instructions or navigation can be added to the HamiltonGraphsXML.html file, if desired. When a student accesses this file, he or she will see exercises like the example shown above, presented in random order.

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