Steal This Riemann Sum Applet

In the applet below, you the instructor can customize appearance, example problems and basic functionality of a student applet.To use this applet with your own settings, just follow the simple directions below!

  1. Download the Flash player file riemann.swf and riemann.html to a subdirectory (a.k.a., folder) on your website. Click on the second of these files to see what the applet will look like.
  2. Use the applet below to make your decisions and press the DONE button. Look here to see an explanation of the various choices you have.
  3. Copy the field of text given, and paste it into a text file called riemannData.xml (capitalization matters!) in the same subdirectory where you put the files in step #1.
  4. Direct users to http://[yourdomain/yoursubdirectory]/riemann.html, and they will find your version of the applet.