Career Exploration Sites

Adapted from Guidebook for Advising Undergraduate Students

The University of Minnesota-Duluth has created an
online survey that gets students thinking about what skills
thy can bring to a job. Students evaluate themselves on
communicating; research and planning; human relations
skills; organization, management, and leadership, and
work survival skills.
Based on Holland’s Self Directed Search. Answer
questions based on your work preferences, then reference
appropriate jobs linked to the Occupational Outlook
Site covers the use of the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Personality
Type) and how your type relates to career choice.

Bowling Green State University site that offers an
exhaustive list of skills required in the world of work.
70-item questionnaire on personality type and suitable jobs.

Based on the popular What Color is Your Parachute
books by Richard Bolles. Covers many of the interest
assessments listed here with his opinions about each.
Offers a variety of other resources.

This site provides a free career interest test.
Site requires students to answer a series of
questions related to their prior educational experiences. Compiles answers and provides a listing of suggested majors.
Un. of Delaware web site that provides major resources
kits list specific majors, tips on enhancing
employability, web site information, and employment
Fascinating site that lists what Brandeis University
graduates are doing for a living in specific majors.
Really proves our point that “Major doesn’t matter.”

Occupational Outlook Handbook contains job descriptions,
earnings, skills, employment projections, &
education requirements for 90% of jobs.
Organizes job information around 6 different clusters of
majors: human & public, arts & humanities, business &
information systems, health services, natural & agricultural
sciences, and engineering & technology.
Lists a variety of job families, wages, and trends for
specific jobs in specific locations. Lists required skills,
knowledge, etc. for jobs.
Outstanding site includes self-assessment activities,
resources, and a section on career planning.
Web site that lists careers and specific web sites to get
additional information about each.

College Board questionnaire followed