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  Fall 2013
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Volume 1 Number 1

Volume 1, Issue 2, Fall 2009

Research Paper  
How Young is Too Young?
Introducing Young Children to Information Technology

Author: Angela Gerber
Editor: Dr. Han Liu

How Teachers Assess and Evaluate Their Students' Learning
Author: Katherine Nye & Renae Reasner
Editor: Dr. Eucabeth Odhiambo

Reflection of Impact on Student Learning
Author: Lauren Snively
Editor: Dr. Sheryl Slattery

Positive Rewards in Classroom Management

Author: Denyel Shirk
Editor: Dr. Gwen Durham

Diversity in the Classroom

Author: Bethany Bunting
Editor: Dr. Gwen Durham




Children's Literature Showcase Project
Author: Brianne Kirkpatrick, Melissa Ramp,
Ashley Miller
Editor: Dr. Harty Stephanie
Lesson Plan  
Multiculture Lesson Plan
Author: Melissa Ramp, Ashley Miller
Editor: Dr. Harty Stephanie
Model Work  
Annotated Bibliography
Author: Melissa Waggaman
Editor: Dr. Donna Couchenour

Brochure: Supporting Young Children's Learning at Home

Author: Melissa Wagaman
Editor: Dr. Donna Couchenour

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