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  Fall 2013
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Volume 1 Number 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2009

Research Paper  
Instructional Qualities of a Successful Mathematical Problem-Solving Class
Author: Amanda M. Piper
Editor: Dr. Andrea Malmont

The Philadelphia Urban Seminar: An Authentic Educational Opportunity for Pre-service Teachers
Author: Michelle Piercy
Editor: Dr. Julie Bao

A Critique of Lipton and Wellman ’s “From Staff Development to Professional Development: Supporting Thoughtful Adults for Thinking Schools
Author: Patrick Galuska
Editor: Dr. Andrea Malmont

Reflection on Homework -- Culminating Project for ECH 490
Author: Carrie Gingerich
Editor: Dr. Donna Couchenour
Reflection on Student Learning
-- A Paper for EDU 495 Student Teaching and Professional Practicum
Author: Jennifer Gombocz
Editor: Dr. Han Liu
Ancestor Interviews
Author: Alyson Borden
Editor: Dr. Kent Chrisman

Read it again Teacher!
Author: Marsha Erisman,
Editor: Dr. Kent Chrisman

Bulletin Boards for Teaching Elementary Mathematics
Author:  Students from TCH 205-02 Fall 2008
Editor: Dr. Janice Minetola

Model Work  

Unit Lesson Plan
Author: Autumn Price
Editor: Dr. Han Liu

Philosophy of Education
Author: Kyle Tomlinson
Editor: Dr. Janice Minetola

Why I Want to Teach
Author: Matt Blakeslee
Editor: Dr. Janice Minetola

Annotated Bibliography
Author: Dawn Bria
Editor: Dr. Donna Couchenour

Author: Dawn Bria 
Editor: Dr. Donna Couchenour
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