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Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2010

Research Paper  
Effective Questioning Techniques to Increase Class Participation
Author: Alyssa Critelli and Brittany Tritapoe
Editor: Dr. Eucabeth Odhiambo

How Teacher Positioning in the Classroom Affects the On-Task Behavior of Students
Author: Annabelle Myers and Sofia Anderson
Editor: Dr. Eucabeth Odhiambo

Reflecting as an Professional
Author: Lauren Snively
Editor: Dr. Han Liu
Integrated Desktop Project: Inside Our Body
Author: Lisa Holland
Editor: Dr. Christine Royce

Bring the World into Your Classroom: Celebrate International Math Day!
Author: Courtney Mowry, Cathie Cooper
Recommended by Dr. Lynn Baynum

Lesson Plan  
A Sample LFS Unit Plan: Mesa Verde, an Indian Community
Author: Ashley Spies
Editor: Dr. Dr. Han Liu
Model e-Portfolios  
e-Portfolio for Social Studies Methods
Author: Lisa Holland
Editor: Dr. Han Liu

Note: Lisa Holland was a senior of Elementary Education in spring 2010. The e-Portfolio is part of the course requirement.

A Teacher's Working Website: Mrs. Coy's Classroom

Author: Jocelyn Coy
Editor: Dr. Han Liu

Note: Jocelyn Coy was a graduate student who took TCH 505 Instructional Technology for Today's Educator in summer 2010.The website was one of her projects.
Peer Advising PPT  
Student Peer Advising Session-01
Author: Lisa Brehm, Junior of Elementary Education

Student Peer Advising Session-02

Author: Nichole Davis, Junior of Elementary Education
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