Welcome to the e-Journal of Student Research

Department of Teacher Education Shippensburg University


Welcome to the Shippensburg University's Department of Teacher Education wesiste for our eJournal!  This website is a collaborative effort between the students enrolled in both our undergraduate teacher preparation programs and our graduate programs, as well as the individual faculty members of the department.  This effort is meant to provide a venue for some of the research, projects, and experiences that are being examined within our department. 

Students enrolled in our program are invited to submit research papers, reflections, sample projects, and exemplary work for inclusion on this website.  Each submission must be recommended by a faculty member who serves as the content editor associated with that piece.  Students and faculty work together to produce a finished product which represents exemplars from our department.  Efforts like these support our Conceptual Framework entitled Collaborative Decision-Makers:  Planning, Assessing, Reflecting.

If you have questions relating to the submission of a project or research paper, please first make an appointment with the faculty member who taught the course in which the assignment was completed. Students should discuss their wishes to submit an article for possible inclusion with that faculty member.    Special thanks is extended to all faculty who have an active role in this initiative - and specifically Dr. Han Liu who has taken the lead in designing and maintaining the eJournal website. 

Please continue to check back each semester to view new issues.


Dr. Christine Anne Royce
Department Chairperson