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Name: Kate Shuemaker
Major: Marketing

Study Abroad Period: Fall 1999
University Attended: University of Ireland, Galway
Country: Ireland
Class: Junior

The university provided a beneficial orientation program upon arrival: Agree
The university provided opportunities for those native to the country: Agree
The Language barrier was easy to overcome: Not Applicable
The university explained the country's educational system (grading scale, assessment, teaching style, etc ): Agree
Overall quality of the university met my expectations: Strongly Agree
Overall learning experience met my expectations: Strongly Agree
I experienced little or no culture shock upon my arrival: Disagree
I experienced little or no culture shock upon my return home: Disagree

Please rate your experience overall: Excellent

What would have better prepared you for your study abroad experience?: Speaking with anyone that attended that University.

What are the most significant things you learned while abroad?: Independence/self sufficiency, European culture and history, travel smarts, overcoming culture shock, experiencing different academic procedures, developing intelligent worldly views.

Would you recommend going abroad to other students?: Absolutely!! For all the reasons I mentioned it's a huge resume builder and will inspire further travel.

How difficult was it for you to adapt to the environment?: You must be outgoing, or at least learn to be. Talk to locals, ask for help when you need it, be aware of the school's resources (especially when finding accommodation).

Give us an idea of class availability, recommended course load, and what class you took while abroad: I took 12 credits which was perfect. I was still on track for graduation (by taking one summer class when I got back), the course load was manageable, and it allowed me to have Fridays off to travel on the weekends. I took Business to Business Marketing, Marketing 101, Statistics, and Literature.

Looking back, provide us with some tips on how you would improve your experience: Staying longer!

Tuition Cost: approx. $3500/semester
Room & Board Cost: approx. $2500
Amount of Airfare: approx. $400
Approximate Cost of Semester Travel: extensive travel $2500