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George Pomeroy, Ph.D.

Director, Center for Land Use

Professor, Geography-Earth Science Dept.

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

1871 Old Main Drive

Shippensburg PA 17257

(717) 477-1776 - voice

(717) 477-4029 – fax


Office:  Shearer Hall 113








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Teaching and Research Interests


Urban, regional, and environmental planning;

Urban geography; Regional development;;

Asia (particularly China and India)










PhD (1999) Urban Studies, University of Akron
MS (1995) Geography, Western Washington University
B.A. Ed. (1988) Geography, Western Washington University









George Pomeroy teaches courses and conducts research related to community and regional planning, as well as urban geography, focusing on both U.S. and comparative contexts.

He was appointed as Director of Shippensburg University’s Center for Land Use ( ) in May 2005. The Center has undertaken a number of research, technical assistance, and other outreach initiatives in an effort to facilitate sound land use and community planning for local municipalities and other stakeholders in a five county service region. Dr. Pomeroy makes every effort to integrate the Center’s activities into his classroom instruction, thus providing an applied focus to the undergraduate and graduate courses he teaches.  The Center for Land Use is a partnership effort between the university and the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services, the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (PSATS), the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (PSAB), and the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (CCAP).

His regional interests, both with research and teaching, also extend to China and South Asia (India in particular). In the summers of 2010, 2008 and 2005 he co-directed with Jennifer Pomeroy a three credit field course to China where students studied urbanization, development, land use and environmental planning. In addition, they also studied broader aspects of the regional geography of China. The course was taught largely in the field in Shanghai and Beijing.

Dr. Pomeroy continues to work on a variety of projects and actively attend professional meetings at the local, national and international level, most notably the Association of American Geographers (AAG) annual meetings and the most recent meetings of the Asian Urbanization Conference (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011). As Executive Secretary to the Asian Urban Research Association (AURA) he is collaborating with local organizer Dr. B.R.K. Sinha to arrange the 12th Asian Urbanization Conference at Banares Hindu University (December 28-30, 2013). He also continues to serve a variety of service roles, including being an active member of the Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group, a study group within the Association of American Geographers.







Recent Publications


Pomeroy, George M.  (2012). [A Review of the book Climate Change and Land Policies].   Journal of Regional Science. 52(1).


Pomeroy, George and Christopher Cusack. (2011). “New York’s Garden Suburbs.”  AAG Newsletter.  June. 46:6(8-9).

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Marr, Paul; Drzyzga, Scott, Pomeroy, George and James Biles. (2008) “Economic and Transportation Impact of Warehousing on Rural Pennsylvania.”  A research project for the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, a legislative agency of the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  Partial funding from the Center for Land Use (SU). 177pp. 


Pomeroy, George M. and Webster, Gerald R.  (Eds.) (2008). Global Perspectives on Urbanization:  Essays in Honor of Debnath Mookherjee.  Lanham MD: University Press of America. 247pp. ISBN 0-7618-3910-0.


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Pomeroy, George M.  (2008). [A Review of the book The Inclusive City].   Journal of Regional Science. 48(4):840-2.


Thakur, Baleshwar; Pomeroy, George, Cusack, C., and Thakur, S. (Eds.) (2007). City, Society, and Planning: Essays in Honour of Ashok K. Dutt. Three volumes.  New Delhi: Concept Publishing.  ISBN (set): 978-81-8068-458-5.


Pond, Lauren; and Pomeroy, George M. (2007). “Building a Better Ordinance: An Evaluation Tool for Historic Preservation Efforts,” in B. Thakur, George Pomeroy, Chris Cusack and Sudhir Thakur (eds.), City, Society, and Planning: Essays in Honour of Professor A. K. Dutt.  Volume Two: Society, Pp 42-59.  New Delhi: Concept Publishing. 


Pomeroy, George M. (2007). [A Review of the book Big Places, Big Plans]. Professional Geographer. 59(2):270-272.


Benhart, John E.  and Pomeroy, George M. (2006). South Asia. Modern World Cultures Series. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers. 120 pp.  


Pomeroy, Jennifer and Pomeroy, George. (2006). "Pointers, Practicalities, and Pitfalls of Directing a Short Term Field Course in Asia." Education about Asia.  Resource Essay.  11(2):46-48; Fall.


Pomeroy, George M. and Cusack, Christopher D. (2006). “Chatham Village: The Enduring Legacy of Collaborative Genius" in Joseph Scarpaci and Kevin Patrick, (Eds.), Pittsburgh and the Alleghenies: From Pre-Cambrian to Post-Industrial. Pp. 100-108. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.







Community and Professional Service


Director, Center for Land Use at Shippensburg University

Executive Secretary, Asian Urban Research Association

Newsletter Editor, Regional Development and Planning Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers









GEO 103: Geography of the United States and Canada
GEO 213: Geography of South and Southeast Asia
GEO 244: Land Use
GEO 444: Environmental Land Use Planning
GEO 391: Geography Seminar
GEO 490: Field Studies in China
GEO 542: Land Use Regulations

GEO 5XX: Planning Methods








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