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Donation Infomation

Facts about the Wisman Fund
  • Comprised of a single accounts: the IMP.
  • The IMP account's objective: To provide high school seniors planning to major finance with scholarships to attend Shippensburg University and also to provide scholarships to students of the John L. Grove College of Business who wish to study aboard.
  • The account must reach $100,000 before scholarships are to be awarded.
Facts about the SU Investment Management Program (IMP)
  • One of less than 10 student-managed investment programs nationally that are exclusively for undergraduate students.
  • Started in January 1995.
  • Private gifts and funds from the John L. Grove College of Business provided a $26,646 base.
  • Since its inception, the portfolio has returned over 175 percent, outperforming most standard indices of measuring stock performance.

Benefits for Donors

  • To provide a tax-write off.
  • To get recognition at the annual presentation.
  • To provide the satisfaction of knowing that his/her donation assisted in educating the students and made a difference in the quality of education.
  • To directly observe the educational value through interaction with students.


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