Facilitation Guidelines

General Guidelines

       Make sure that you have thoroughly read and understand all
of the material

       Everyone is responsible for reading and facilitating all of the material - DO NOT simply assign each person an article to facilitate

       Make sure that you order your presentation of the articles in a logical fashion (NOTE: the order on the syllabus is random)

       Provide a brief synopsis prior to beginning the discussion of each article.

       Make sure you give the operational definitions and examples for ambiguous concepts or variables (e.g. social identity)

Question Guidelines

       You are not quizzing the class on how much they remember from the article, you are trying to help them develop a deeper understanding of the material.


       Group your facilitation questions by article and by theme.


       Be sure to combine questions that deal with a common theme.


       Make sure that the majority of your questions  focus on the central theme or main point of the readings


       Restate or reword poorly phrased questions so that they are clear to the class

       Make sure that you have concrete answers in mind for each question.  It is your job as facilitators to guide the class towards these answers and ideas.

       Have built in follow-up questions ready to use during discussion.

       Have in mind the main points of the article and try to get the class to emphasize these issues

       Donít rush through the questions.Give the class time to fully discuss each question.††

       Donít be afraid to wait or allow them time to refer back to the material.

       Ask for different or opposing viewpoints.

       Play the devilís advocate.††

       If you pose a question to the class you should be ready to spend a significant amount of time developing an answer.

       Make sure you reinforce the class when they make good points or suggestions.

       Donít worry if the discussion takes an unexpected turn, but donít allow the class to stray too far from the topic or central point of the readings.

       Try to provide a summary of the discussion at the end of the period.