College Algebra Video Series

Section numbers refer to Algebra and Trigonometry, Ninth Edition, by Sullivan.

All videos by James Hamblin, Shippensburg University Mathematics Department.


This video series contains three types of videos:

Watch each video multiple times if necessary, taking notes where appropriate.

Section R.1: Real Numbers

Section R.7: Rational Expressions

Section 3.1: Functions

Section 3.2: The Graph of a Function

Section 3.3: Properties of Functions

Section 1.1: Linear Equations

Section 1.7: Problem Solving (Linear)

Section 2.1: The Distance and Midpoint Formulas

Section 2.3: Lines

Section 4.1: Linear Functions and Their Properties

Section 4.2: Linear Models; Building Linear Functions from Data

Section R.4: Polynomials

Section R.5: Factoring Polynomials

Section 1.2: Quadratic Equations

Section 1.7: Problem Solving (Quadratic)

Section 4.3: Quadratic Functions and Their Properties

Section 4.4: Build Quadratic Models from Verbal Descriptions and From Data

Section 3.4: Library of Functions

Section 5.1: Polynomial Functions and Models

Section 1.4: Radical Equations; Equations Quadratic in Form; Factorable Equations

Section 1.6: Equations Involving Absolute Value

Section 3.4: Piecewise-Defined Functions

Section 1.5: Solving Inequalities

Section 1.6: Inequalities Involving Absolute Value

Section 4.5: Inequalities Involving Quadratic Functions

Section 6.1: Composite Functions

Section 6.2: One-to-One Functions; Inverse Functions

Section 6.3: Exponential Functions

Section 6.4: Logarithmic Functions

Section 6.5: Properties of Logarithms

Section 6.6: Logarithmic and Exponential Equations

Section 5.2: Properties of Rational Functions

Section 5.3: The Graph of a Rational Function

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