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Undeclared Biology
Computer Science Math
If you need to get an override for more than one class, submit the form once for each desired course. It is also important to include the CRN # in the comments box below, along with the reasons you need the course you are choosing.
   CHM 103 A Cultural Approach
   CHM 105 An observational approach
   CHM 121 Chemical Bonding
   CHM 122 Chemical Dynamics
   CHM 125 Lab IB: Stoichiometry and Reactions
   CHM 126
Lab IIB: Equilibrium and Instrumentation
   CHM 221  Organic I
   CHM 225  Lab III B: Basic organic techniques
   CHM 227 Intorduction to Biochemistry
   CHM 301   Biochemistry I
   CHM 222 Organic Chemistry II
   CHM 226 Lab IVB: Experimental Organic Studies

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