Math in the Media extra credit opportunity


Find an article from one of these sources

         New York Times:


         Science Daily:

         an MAA column:

         Scientific American:

         Or another reputable news source (not a personal blog)


Then type up a

         summary  --   just the facts.  What was the article about?

         personal response  --  what was your opinion of the article or the people?  Is this related to anything you know already?  Did anything surprise you?  Did the article make you wonder about ethical/mathematical/social dilemmas? etc. etc. 


         one other internet source that is related to the article topic.  What else did you learn?


The write-up should be 1-2 pages, 1 inch margins, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing.  You can email me the article or print it out and hand it in.