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○●○Benefits to Members

As members of FBLA-PBL, you are an important part of a nationally recognized and highly respected organization. The benefits and support services that FBLA-PBL has to offer are many, some highly visible, others more tangible.

Knowledge of Parliamentary Procedure and How to Use It

Leadership Development

Learning skills critical to success in business
Developing self-confidence and a positive attitude
Business and travel etiquette
Professional business appearance
Persuasive public speaking and interpersonal skills

Business Connection

Opportunity to learn first-hand from business leaders

Community Connection

Working on service projects that benefits the community
Participating in fund-raising projects


With members from other chapters throughout the country
An opportunity to develop your business skills in one or many of our teams:

Finance Team
The key to PBL's financial success lies within this team. Its purpose is to effectively raise money throughout the year for various PBL activities. The team members select, organize, and participate in fund-raising events. There is always room for fund-raising ideas; everyone is encouraged to help out.

Public Relations Team
This team lets the community and, more importantly, the student body know what PBL is up to. This team strives to inform all people of what we are up to by writing press releases that will be distributed to the Slate and all local newspapers. Anyone interested in puttering around in the press area please sign up. This team will also be responsible for making signs and posters to inform the student body of upcoming activities and events that PBL will be holding. The Thursday before every meeting the members of this team will put signs on bulletin boards around campus.

Social/Service Team
This team will be dealing with the social aspects of PBL, organizing functions such as parties, trips, picnics, and other fun activities. This team will also be organizing community service activities such as the March of Dimes, Food Drives, etc.

Special Teams
Special teams will be organized throughout the year as needed to deal with projects PBL hosts such as our annual Fashion Show.


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