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○●○Point System

Although members have no requirements to participate in Phi Beta Lambda events, there are strongly suggested. Listed below are point values for attendance and participation in certain activities throughout the year. The Secretary keeps track of these points, and at the end of each semester the member* who has the most points receives a check from the club in the amount of $25.


*Officers are not eligible for this, for the sole reason that they should, in essence, be at nearly every event and would therefore have an unfair advantage.

Point Type Point Description Point Value
College Of Business Speaks for a College of Business Function 15
Conference Attends the National Fall Leadership Conference & Report back 20
  Attends the State Leadership Conference & Report back 15
  Places 3rd @ State Leadership Conference 10
  Places 2nd @ State Leadership Conference 20
  Places 1st @ State Leadership Conference 30
Community Service Attend a Service Event 15
Fundraising Fundraising in a group 10
  Fundraises to Meet Set Goal 25
  Fundraises >25% of Goal 30
Meeting Attend General Meeting 5
  Attend Committee Meeting 7
  Runs as a Future Officer 7
  Become Committee Head 10
  Recruits a Speaker 12


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