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Each member will take on the following knowledge and responsibilities:

1. All prospective members must pay membership dues each year ($40).  Make checks payable to Phi Beta Lambda.  Any student may join at any time during the year.  Along with paying dues, each member is required to provide accurate information for future contact on the registration form.

2. To meet the Phi Beta Lambda officers and advisor and get to know them.

3. To understand what Phi Beta Lambda is all about, we ask all potential members to read about our goals, benefits, and creed.  This will enable members to tell friends, family member,  and future employers what PBL is about.

4. All potential members should know the following about Phi Beta Lambda:
-The three divisions of FBLA-PBL and their make up are:
1. FBLA - High School
2. PBL - College
3. Professional - Former high school FBLA members, PBL members, or interested     community business leaders

-The name of our Shippensburg University chapter is Phi Gamma.
-The PBL letters stand for: Phi - Future, Beta - Business, Lambda - Leaders
-The PBL colors are blue and gold
-The PBL bulletin board, which contains valuable information about Phi Beta Lambda at Ship, is located on the second floor of the John L. Grove College of Business
-Our chapter advisor is Dr. Coolsen.
-The first chapter of Phi Beta Lambda was organized in Pennsylvania in 1967 at Bloomsburg University

      -The three major goals of PBL are (see all goals):
1. Service
2. Education
3. Progress


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