World Geography Course Syllabus Class Schedule Grading System


Ex 1: Europe Ex 2: Russia Ex 3: Middle America Ex 4: South America Ex 5: North Africa
Ex 6: Southern Africa Ex 7: South Asia Ex 8: East Asia Ex 9: Southeast Asia Ex 10: North America


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Out of Class Assignment Dates:    
Wednesday, March  12th
12:00 - 12:50pm
Rowland 200
"Diamond Mining on the Namibian Coast "
Dr. Paul Marr
Wednesday, March  26th
12:00 - 12:50pm
Rowland 200
"Mountian Climbing in the Land of Fire and Ice: Mt. Rainier, Washington"
Dr. Christopher Woltemade
Wednesday, April  16th
12:00 - 12:50pm
Rowland 200
" TBA"
Dr. Thomas Feeney

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