Disease and Environment Course Syllabus Research Paper Requirements Grading System


Ex 1: Rates Ex 2: Fatality

Ex 3: SMR 1  

Ex 4: SMR 2

Ex 5: Lymphoma

Ex 6: Indirect SMR Ex 7: Fetal Mortality Dauphin Data
Fulton Data  Philadelphia Data
Ex 8: Chi-Squared Ex 9: Probabilities Ex 10: Distance Decay
Ex 11: Diffusion Ex 12: Poisson Ex 13: Clusters Ex 14: Cluster Mapping Ex 15: Lyme Disease
Ex 16: Seasonality Ex 17: Geographic Centers


Test Review Sheets  
Test 1 Test 2


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[E] Martens, Pim and Lisbeth Hall. 2000. Malaria on the Move: Human Population Movement and Malaria Transmission

[F] Morse, Stephen. 1995. Factors in the Emergence of Infectious Diseases
[G] Murphy, Frederick. 1998. Emerging Zoonoses
[H] Sanchez, Anthony et al. 1995. Reemergence of Ebola Virus in Africa
[I] Navin, T. R.,  S. McNabb, and J. Crawford. 2002. The continued threat of tuberculosis

Additional Readings
National Vital Statistics report 2000 Inconclusive by Design

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