Getting Started:

1.    Go to your school’s MyLabsPlus campus:


2.    Enter as your MyLabsPlus login name your full lower case Shippensburg email, (for example,, and as your password the four-digit number 1234. Note that if you used MyLabsPlus in a previous semester, your password is still the same as it was then – use the ‘forgot my password’ feature to reset it, if you have forgotten.


3.    Once you see your course list – click on MyProfile in the upper Right corner to change your Password to something memorable.

4.    Click on the name of your course in the course list.


If your course name does not appear or if your login credentials don’t work, contact your instructor.


5.    You will be prompted to enter your access code or purchase online. Choose ONE of the following:


a.    If you have already purchased an access code, select the Access Code option, enter your code, and click Next.

b.    If you prefer to purchase online using a credit card, select the Buy Now option and click the product link to complete your purchase.

c.    Getting a temporary access code if desired. Though we strongly recommend you use a purchased access code the first time you access the site, it is possible to get started in the course without doing so by getting a Temporary Access Code. This will give you access only until September 11, 2014.


Where is the temporary access code? If there is not a Temporary Access button just below the Course Home button, click on the Course Home button to make the Temporary Access button appear.  Click on the Temporary Access button.  You will be given a temporary access code.  Write this code down so you can enter it in Step 8. Please note that Temporary Access lasts until September 11, at which time you will be prompted to enter a purchased access code.


6.    Click on an assignment or learning aid link within the course.  You will first be prompted with the License Agreement and Privacy Policy page.  Click I Accept once you have read and agree with the terms of use.



Technical Support:


If you need technical support, please select the Support tab at your school’s MyLabsPlus campus.  You will find several self-service support articles and information about how you can contact Pearson’s 24/7 MyLabsPlus support team.