Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Department of Geography-Earth Science
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GIS is a STEM discipline. The purpose of GIS 3 is to provide students with a capstone, project-based experience in the Geographic Information Science & Technology arena. It is designed to help students advance their understandings and skills with geospatial data and technology – it is not for beginners. GIS 3 serves as one of six courses that can be used to satisfy the elective requirement of the undergraduate GIS Letter of Program and it is a required course for Geography majors following the GIS track.

Course pack


Weekly calendars

In-class exercises

Spatial modeling (36 MB)
Transforming a word problem into a spatial model and terrain analysis (revisted).

ArcGIS Online
Putting our geocoding results online.

From the Lead-in-water-crisis at Flint, MI.

Video: Here's how Flint's water crisis happened

Video: How to Safely Treat Water with Lead
A workflow for coercing text-based street addresses into map features.


About Pennsylvania's “clearly, plainly, and palpably” gerrymandered map

City Beautiful Again: The painted dinosaurs of Harrisburg.

Lab assignments

Visibility analysis

GIS3_Lab_LanduseVisibility.pdf and
Learning advanced terrain analysis techniques to evaluate an unsightly land use issue.

Geocoding: A business applicaton of GIS

GIS3_Lab_Geocoding.pdf and
A business application that involves parsing text strings, geocoding addresses, and performing date-a analysis.

ArcGIS Online and Story Maps

What is ArcGIS Online and what kind of story do you want to tell?

Capstone GIS Projects

Kevin Hess

What is the Spatial Distribution of Land Surface Temperature in the Area of Washington, D.C. and what Populations of People are of Higher Risk to Heat Related Illness due to Health and Economic Reasons?

Eric Livelsberger

Distance Traveled By Each NHL Team in the 2017-2018 Regular Season

Hannah Roos

Visualizing Bog Turtle Home Ranges



Scott A. Drzyzga, Ph.D., GISP
Department of Geography-Earth Science
Center for Land Use & Sustainability
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA 17257

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