Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Department of Geography-Earth Science
Shippensburg University


GIS is a STEM discipline. The purpose of GIS 3 is to provide students with a capstone, project-based experience in the Geographic Information Science & Technology arena. It is designed to help students advance their understandings and skills with geospatial data and technology – it is not for beginners. GIS 3 serves as one of six courses that can be used to satisfy the elective requirement of the undergraduate GIS Letter of Program and it is a required course for Geography majors following the GIS track.

Course pack


Weekly calendars

In-class exercises

ArcGIS Online
Putting our geocoding results online.

CAREER DAY 2017 - November 2

GIS3_sampleResume.pdf and SHIPGeo-GIS_38skills.pdf
Showcase what you can do.

City of Flint water crisis

LastWeekTonight: Lead poisoning is a national problem. If only lawmakers were as concerned as the puppets on Sesame Street.

GNSS revised, datetime fields, and some more Python (< 1 MB)
Look at them go!

Spatial modeling (35 MB)
Terrain analysis (revisted) and transforming a word problem into a spatial model.

Big spatial data and data reduction techniques (18.5 MB zipped)
Working with "big data" and developing meaningful data reduction skills.

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

The US GPS and WAAS.


Example photo that needs to be processed.
City Beautiful Again: The painted dinosaurs of Harrisburg.

Amanda Huber @ University of Minnesota, Duluth

ArcGIS Web Map App
Amanda used ArcGIS to develop an online GIS portfolio.

Hurricane Harvey

Alex Davies' article, "Harvey Wrecks up to a Million Cars in Car-dependent Houston".

NOAA Imagery
Post-hurricane reconnaissance imagery.

Esri story map
Esri and GeoCorps have been mapping the disaster.
The NY Times has also been mapping the disaster.
Hurricane track and advisory data from the National Hurricane Center.

Delaware River Basin Project

A Web Map App that I built for the Delaware River Basin Project.

Lab assignments

ESRI Story Maps

What Kind of Story Do You Want to Tell?

Geocoding: A business applicaton of GIS

GIS3_Lab_Geocoding_updated.pdf (Updated at 7 PM on Oct. 25th.) and
Parsing text strings, geocoding addresses, and analyzing the Carlisle pizza marketplace.

Big spatial data and Spatial data analysis

GIS3_Lab_SpatialData_SpatialAnalysis.pdf and (818 MB zipped, 18 GB unzipped)
Learning to download, reduce, and analyze spatial data (and big spatial data).

2017 Harrisburg Mural Festival

GIS3_Lab_GNSS_AGOL.pdf and (128 MB)
A practical way to learn how to achieve interoperability among Trimble GNSS, Google Docs, and ArcGIS Online.



Scott A. Drzyzga, Ph.D., GISP
Department of Geography-Earth Science
Center for Land Use & Sustainability
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA 17257

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