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These collapsable lists identify organizations that have, during the last two years, hosted SU student interns with GIS/GPS-related responsibilities. Dr. Jantz has a complete list of contacts, phone numbers and addresses.

  • Private firms
    • Buchart-Horn, INC.
    • Cadbury Beverages INC; Motts, INC.
    • Carl Bert & Associates
    • Cross Country Connection Transportation Management Association, INC.
    • Earth Engineering, INC.
    • Furgo EarthData, INC.
    • Gannett Fleming, INC.
    • Geodecisions
    • Handex Environmental
    • KCI Technologies, INC.
    • The Louis Berger Group
    • McCormick, Taylor, & Associates
    • Skelly & Loy
    • Stoner Associates
    • WHP-TV
  • Public agencies
    • Adams County Office of Planning and Development
    • Adams County Conservation District
    • Borough of Carlisle Zoning/Planning/Codes Administration
    • Bradford County Conservation District
    • Chester County Conservation District
    • Chester County Planning Commission
    • City of Frederick Planning Department
    • City of Harrisburg
    • County of Cumberland GIS and Mapping Services Dept.
    • Cumberland County Conservation District
    • Derry Township Municipal Building
    • Frederick City Planning Department
    • Franklin County Planning Commission
    • Guilford Township Zoning Office
    • Luzerne County Envtl Special Projects
    • Mount Union Borough
    • Schuylkill Conservation District
    • Washington County Health Department
    • York County Planning Commission
    • Dept.of Conserv. & Nat. Resources(DCNR) Bureau of Forestry
    • DCNR Bureau of Information Technology
    • DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation
    • DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation Division of Greenways and Conservation Partnerships
    • DCNR Bureau of State Parks
    • DCNR Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey
    • DCNR Forestry and State Parks Division
    • DEP Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation
    • DEP Bureau of Field Operations
    • DEP Bureau of Mining & Reclamation
    • DEP Bureau of Waste Management Southcentral Regional Office
    • DEP Department of Water Conservation
    • DEP Bureau of Watershed Management
    • DEP Division of Water Use Planning
    • DEP Geospatial Data Center
    • DEP Office of Information Technology
    • DEP Southeast Regional Office
    • DEP Vector Management Black Fly Suppression Program
    • DEP Vector Management Field Operations
    • DEP Wilkes-Barre Mine Subsidence Office
    • Maryland Department of Natural Resources Resource Planning
    • PA Department of Agriculture
    • PA Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry
    • Environmental Defense
    • US Army Letterkenny Army Depot
    • USDA Aphis, PPQ
    • USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Dauphin County
    • US Department of Interior Allegheny National Forest
    • USGS Water Resource Division New Cumberland Branch Office


So, what can you do with a geography degree?
Have you ever been asked a question like that? Well, the Association of American Geographers and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics built handy resources with many of examples of what people do with geography degrees.

GIS job boards


The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse Map
An awesome interactive map with locations and information about real-time job opportunities.

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
A well-known clearinghouse for GIS-related jobs.
A broad-based job board with many geoenvironmental-related and GIS-related jobs.
An ESRI sponsored resource on all things GIS and geospatial (with lots of job postings, too).

GeoSearch, Inc.
Another clearinghouse with world-wide GIS opportunities.
One more clearinghouse.
Direcetions magazine is a trade publication with a geospatial jobs and career portal.

The GISCafé
A lesser-known job board.
A broad-based job board with many GIS-type posts.
The Geospatial Industry Workforce Information System (GIWIS) is a comprehensive resource for everything geospatial; a one stop resource for jobs, educational resources, schools, industry data, salary information, and more.

The GeoCommunity
Online newspaper and GIS community resource. Site has valuable information if you don't mind an awkward layout and lots of advertising.

Other job boards

Shippensburg Career Development Center
The SCDC has added new links for people aspiring to work in scientific disciplines.

College Central
Large network of students, alumni and employers that serves students looking for jobs.

Chesapeake Bay Program
List of opportunities to work in the largest estuary in the United States.

National Park Service
General employment information for those interested in full-time, part-time, seasonal or internship opportunities in one of our National Parks.

Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
Studies the effects of human-induced, physical, biological, and chemical changes on Great Lakes ecosystems.

Pennsylvania Careers Online
Employment opportunities with the State of Pennsylvania and its agencies.
Full-time employment opportunities with the US Government and its agencies.
Full-time, part-time and internship opportunities with the US Government and its agencies.

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