The GIS and Ford Labs


Commonly used resources:

A: Geography & Earth Science Department
B: Weekly schedule for the GIS and Ford labs. (updated)
C: University resources for current students
D2L: Ship's course management system.

E: We have three GIS Programs at Ship
F: Geospatial data & other resources
G: Jobs and careers in Geography


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Geo 103: Geography of the United States & Canada (with Dr. Applegarth)
Geo 103: Geography of the United States & Canada (with Dr. Fuellhart)

Geo 140: Cultural Geography (with Dr. Fuellhart)
Geo 230: Economic Geography (with Dr. Fuellhart)

Geo 363: GIS II, Intermediate Geographic Information Systems (with Dr. Drzyzga)
Geo 420: Advanced GIS (with Dr. Drzyzga)

Useful resources:

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