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Thursday, Feb. 19th @ 4pm in Grove 301


Feb. 25th, Roundtable Dinner



March 11, ABF Freight Systems Workshop


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Alicia Hargan
SCM Club President
E-mail: ah6812@ship.edu


Mark Messick

Logistics President

E:mail: mm5142@ship.edu


Shippensburg University

Supply Chain Management Club

Supply Chain Management ©2009

Although Supply Chain Operations and Management is a relatively new major, it has been catching the attention of many students.  Our first club meeting, this academic school year, had the largest attendance yet. A lot of the credit can be given to the hard work and dedication the past executive board had.  The previous executive board did an excellent job at marketing our club and getting it more well known, throughout our College of Business. In addition, the graduating seniors did an excellent job at: setting up alumni connections, relationships with businesses, distribution tours, and bringing in speakers.  The new executive board hopes to live up to all the same standards and expectations.

Many members are already taking a very active role in our club, by setting up projects and going to conferences.  This October, three club members will be traveling to Philadelphia for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Conference for four days.  At that conference, the students will get the chance to sit in many exciting lectures, and the chance to network with companies. from across the globe.  In addition, we have eight students attending the Supply Chain Management Roundtable, located in Harrisburg, this September.  Once again, students will get the chance to network over dinner and then listen to some interesting discussions, within the topic of  Supply Chain Management.  We are still continuing our trek on the Reisner project and started another project, within the College of Business, [The Dell Project], that we hope will also recruit more people into our club.

Since many seniors this year are looking towards the corporate side of Supply Chain, our club has vocalized the idea of bringing in more speakers— that will talk about the distribution world.   With response to that, we hope to learn more about purchasing and forecasting and currently want to schedule a tour, with Toys “R” Us, in hope to get a better understanding of Supply Chain and the corporate life.

With a handful of alumni, who are always more than happy to help, and a group of members who are motivated and dedicated, the Supply Chain Management Club is looking at a promising year.