What company was the coal purchased from and where was the coal mined?

F&D Coal Sales, Hazelton, Pa. 18201 and it could be mined at any of the local mines in the area. F&D Coal Sales is the broker for the coal and they also process and purchase coal from other coal breakers in the area such as Blaschak Coal Corp., Hazleton Shaft Corp., Superior Coal Sales, Pine Creek Coal, Anthracite Coal Sales

Has the University always ordered coal from this company and this geographical location?

The coal contract is bid every year or two, depending if they have clause to renew the contract. This is done through the Department of General Services in Harrisburg, PA. Our coal has always come from the North Eastern Anthracite region in PA. but may be from deferent mining operations.

Is the sulfur content of the coal known, and if so, what is it?

The Sulfur content should not exceed ______ HV___=heat value in BTU of coal


Our last test was 0.71 as determined.

After this particular coal is mined, where is the storage location for it, and how long does it sit in storage before being shipped to Shippensburg University?

The coal is stored at the coal breaker and we are required to have a 30 day burn on hand to allow for possible supply interruptions. We usually burn all but a few hundred tons because coal will loose some BTU value when it is exposed to the elements. We also have about 300 ton capacity in the boiler room storage bunkers.

How is it transported to the University?

Trucks. About 22 tons per load.

How much coal does the University use on a weekly or monthly basis?

2005-2006 Tons

July '05


Aug '05 0
Sept '05 31
Oct '05 674
Nov '05 946
Dec '05 1470
Jan '06 1220
Feb '06 1289
Mar '06 1099
Apr '06 649
May '06 184
June '06 0
Total 7562











Is this coal low sulfur content?


Does the coal at the physical plant at Shippensburg University sit on asphalt or on soil?


Coal Use at Shippensburg University


Diminishing Coal Pile.



Steam Plant




Coal Pile which fuels the University

Shippensburg's coal FACTs




































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