Todd M. Hurd, Professor

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Shippensburg University
Department of Biology
(717) 477-1751
154 Franklin Science Center
Shippensburg, PA 17257

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Ecology                      Plant Ecology


Principles of Biology I

Research Interests

  • Fluorescence methods in groundwater and contaminant tracing
  • Hydrology, biogeochemistry, and general ecology of wetlands and spring creeks
  • Rates, limits, cycling, and ecological effects of biological nitrogen fixation anthropogenic nutrients


Please contact me if you would like research experience in these or related areas. The Ecology & Environmental Biology Concentration requires 3 credits of experiential elective that may be filled with independent research. Many students also participate in an independent research experience regardless of concentration requirement. There are also opportunities to write your own grants at Shippensburg to obtain supplies and travel funds, and to at times be paid as an undergraduate research assistant. Grads, see Shippensburg University M.S. program in Biology for general program description, and consider these or related areas for thesis work with me at Shippensburg. There are also funds available for graduate research at Shippensburg University through the Institute for Public Service.



Some Project Photos:




 Ecosystem biogeochemistry and food web studies                                                                                  



Adirondack alder wetland – Hudson River Headwaters

(SUNY ESF-Huntington Forest field station)                     


Black Locust grown hydroponically without nitrogen  

(Brian Lehman)                        


Slaven Jesic (foodweb and hyporheic DO studies), Big Spring, Newville, Pennsylvania


Fluorescent Dye Traces to delineate source areas of carbonate springs and spring creeks 



A sink collapse in a sediment basin (example of rapid karst recharge feature and sensitive karst flow systems)


Ashley Brookhart-Rebert and Dave Miller Jr. Determining source areas for carbonate springs with fluorescent tracing techniques


Clearing a sediment plug in a karst swallow hole     Photo T.P. Feeney

(Renae Saum and TMH)  to release tracer (Kaja Spassef)


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·         Hurd, T.M. 2012. Determination of preferential flow patterns to Cumberland County springs with fluorescent dye tracing. Pennsylvania Geology 42(3):3-11. link to DCNR source

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Ph.D.  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY.

M.S.  University of Maine, Orono ME.

B.S.  SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse NY.
 Cranberry Lake Biological Station of SUNY-CESF.
 SUNY College of Arts and Sciences, Geneseo NY

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Big Spring Brook Trout on a Baetis dry fly



“Sulfurs” on the Yellow Breeches




View of the Cumberland Valley from Col. Denning State Park near Shippensburg University (Ecology Club Outing)





Remnant red spruce in Pennsylvania, Bear Meadow Natural Area near State College (Graduate Wetland Ecology)