Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifEducation Resources

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifProtein Structure Analysis

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifVendors

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifComprehensive Link Collections

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifBiologists Search Palette
            A collection of search engines for biological databases

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifProtocol-online
            Provides links to on-line laboratory protocols in cell and molecular biology,
            as well as to links to discussion groups.

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifThe Genome Channel
           Clickable chromosome maps for the human genome, as well as
            Mycobacterium, Saccharomyces, and assorted other organisms

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifHuman Genome Browser
           A user friendly, fast, clickable web tool for searching the  human genome
           Maintained at UCSC

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifSARS Bioinformatics Suite
            A new website based at the University of Victoria. It is funded by the Canadian Protein Engineering
            Network  (PENCE) and by the BC SARS Accelerated Vaccine Initiative (SAVI). This new resource
            will become a bioinformatics site, which will provide in depth data and useful tools to analyze the
            genomes, genes and proteins of SARS and other related viruses.

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifWebcutter
           Determine restriction sites in a DNA sequence

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifNEBcutter
          New England Biolabs site
          Determine restriction sites in a DNA sequence.  Also detects ORFs and enzymes that will excise it.

Description: T:\My Website\sunflower6.gifSpidey
        A tool at the NCBI site
        Aligns a mRNA (cDNA) sequence with a genomic sequence, showing the positioning of introns and exons,
        and, if available, protein sequence.

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