Alienation Test

Please record how you feel about each sentence as follows:
 5 -- I agree strongly
 4 -- I agree
 3 -- I am neutral, or I don't know
 2 -- I disagree
 1 -- I disagree strongly

[For a printable, self-scoring version of this test, click here]

1.  I don't understand the way people behave nowadays.
2.  I don't want what most people seem to want.
3.  The future of mankind looks pretty hopeless.
4.  Most people act as if the end justifies the means.
5.  I don't get much satisfaction from my work (or school work).
6.  It's a lonely life for more and more people nowadays.
7.  Things don't make much sense to me anymore.
8.  My values are different from society's values.
9.  There is little room for personal choice anymore.
10.  There just aren't any definite rules to live by today.
11.  I wish I could feel more involved in my job (or school work).
12.  I wish people would be a lot kinder than they are.
13.  I feel confused about the world a lot.
14.  Most people don't have the same priorities that I do.
15.  You can only get ahead if you get some lucky breaks.
16.  It seems that right and wrong are pretty ambivalent nowadays.
17.  Sometimes I just feel like a robot at work (or school).
18.  Sometimes I feel all alone in the world.
19.  I don't know what the purpose of life is anymore.
20.  I don't identify with my culture's values.
21.  There are so many decisions to make that I could just scream.
22.  It seems as if you have to play dirty to win.
23.  I don't have much opportunity to be creative.
24.  I don't get to go out with friends much anymore.
25.  Life has become less and less meaningful to me.
26.  Everybody seems to have a different idea of success than I have.
27.  It is (or would be) scary to be responsible for a child nowadays.
28.  It often seems that it's the nice people who lose.
29.  It's frustrating if you really care about the quality of your work.
30.  I don't see my family as much as I'd like to.