Eysenck Personality Minitest

Answer the following questions with 5 (very much), 4, 3, 2, or 1 (not at all), then add up the three columns:

1.  Do you have many different hobbies?           ____

2.  Do you stop to think things over before
doing anything?                                                   ____

3.  Does your mood often go up and down?                  ____

4.  Are you a talkative person?                   ____

5.  Would being in debt worry you?                                ____

6.  Do you ever feel "just miserable" for
no reason?                                                ____

7.  Do you lock up your house carefully at
night?                                                            ____

8.  Are you rather lively?                        ____

9.  Would it upset you a lot to see a child
or animal suffer?                                                 ____

10.  Do you often worry about things you
should not have done or said?                             ____

11.  Can you usually let yourself go and
enjoy yourself at a lively party?                 ____

12.  Are you an irritable person?                         ____

13.  Do you enjoy meeting new people?             ____

14.  Do you believe insurance plans are
a good idea?                                                      ____

15.  Are your feelings easily hurt?                       ____

TOTAL:                                            ____    ____    ____
                                                    E       N       P


E:    5 to 10, introverted
      20 to 25, extraverted
N:    15 to 25, neuroticistic
P:    5 to 15, psychoticistic

Because this minitest is extremely short, it is NOT to be taken as an accurate assessment of your personality.  It is for illustration purposes only!

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